5 Quick Tips For Creative Fiction Ideas For Your Book

I know sometimes creative ideas comes naturally but for most of us sometimes we have to really think about a new idea.

So here are my 5 quick tips to help you get ideas for your future book:

1. People Watch

People are weird. Not everyone’s the same. Especially not me. By watching people interact with their friends, family and the world around them may spark an idea for a new character for a book. Or even a whole plot idea.

Eh, it could happen.

2. Read Books

Sometimes you can read a book and really like how the writer wrote it, like I find myself doing all the time. But sometimes, you may wonder why an author made a certain choice with their story and you wonder how the story would have turned out if such and such would have happened instead. Now you have an idea in your head.

Reading books can spark new ideas maybe totally unrelated because your imagination is already working so thinking about different situations the characters you’ve just read could be in can really give you some great ideas.

3. Ask Yourself ‘What-if’ Questions

maybe you have a simple thought in your head. One way to get your imagination pumping is to ask ‘what if’.

Let’s say you’re thinking of a story about a girl who gets bullied in school. But then you ask yourself ‘what if’. What if the girl was teased because she had wings? What if she had wings because she’s from a different planet? What if she got crashed to Earth and is now an orphan?

Asking ‘What-if’ questions to a simple thought or idea can spark a whirlwind of ideas and situations that you never thought could go so far. Which is a good thing.

4. Travel

If you need new ideas, getting out of your area and exploring other places can really do the trick.

Traveling in and of itself is rejuvenating to any creative spirit and if you travel to far places to see things you’ve only saw in books it can spark an array of ideas even if it’s simple takes place in the city you traveled to.

5. Take From Your Personal Life

We may think our lives are boring but I bet if you think hard enough you can think of something that happened to you in the last year or even when you were a child that will spark a creative idea for your book.

What was your personally like when you were in high school? What kind of technology was going on then?

Do you know people know who’s lives would make for a good book? Since it’s fiction you can work off a few things or add things to make it better but thinking about your life or the lives of people you know could be inspiration.

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you find it useful. If you did please share with a friend 🙂

Happy writing!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Let me know what inspires you in the comment section.

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