Becoming A Flexible Writer

Every writer should be flexible with their writing by trying new things, challenges and interests. You never know what you’re good at until you try it.

I’ve been thinking about all the content I’ve written over the years and I’m glad to say that I’ve tried writing different materials  even though some of them weren’t that good. I’ve more comfortable with drama and romance but I took a shot at horror, comedy, teen, mystery and erotic fiction.

When you try anything new you learn from it and that’s exactly what all writers should do.

  • Find new interests


The first time I tried writing horror I was in the fifth grade and it wasn’t very good but I wrote it about all my classmates dying because of an evil substitute teacher so I liked it still.


Even if you are the slightest interested in something you wrote keep practicing it until you get better. Passion plays a big role and how we develop our skills.


The last time I wrote in the horror genre was one year ago for my creative writing workshop class and the story was a lot better. The point? Find new interest and see how good you are with it. If you’re not that good yet keep working at it and you’ll become a writer of many trades.


  • Take on new challenges

You don’t want to be a stiff writer who only sticks to one thing and masters that one talent.

Challenge yourself to make yourself and your writing better. There are some exercises you can do to get your creative juices flowing and can test your writing skills. Don’t just stick to one aspect of writing that you’re good at but explore more and become good at those too.

Try these writing prompts:

1. Describe a forest without using the words brown, tree, or green.

2. Describe a familiar room without using the ‘sight’ sense. You can use smell, sound, touch, and hear but not sight.

3.  Write an emotional scene from the point of view of an inanimate object.


  • Be A Flexible Writer


Having a defined author brand is important but it doesn’t mean you should feel trapped into only producing one type of writing to the public.


Try every aspect of writing to explore all your options. You never know what talent you may have in a different area of writing all together.


I consider myself as a fiction writer above all else but this summer I’m taking a shot, for the first time, at non-fiction for an ebook about how to write a  fiction novel. (I’ll be giving it out for free on my blog to all subscribers.)


If you are a nonfiction writer take a shot at fiction. I find fiction very cool, intriguing and rewarding and new fiction writers may discover how creative they are.


Branch out from your norm and unravel what you really can do. I believe every writer has talent and I believe in you.


Thanks for reading. You can tweet me @Cherubi  or follow the blog at @learnasyouwrite. Please let me know your opinion on being a more flexible writer or if you have any comments.

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