5 Quick Tips For Creative Fiction Ideas For Your Book

I know sometimes creative ideas comes naturally but for most of us sometimes we have to really think about a new idea. So here are my 5 quick tips to help you get ideas for your future book: 1. People Watch People are weird. Not everyone’s the same. Especially not me. By watching people interact […]

Talent Alone Won’t Make You Successful

If you’re new to writing or have written for years professionally, it’s always good to remember that talent alone won’t make you successful. Yes, success is defined differently for everyone, but if we’re talking about success as a writer there is a lot more that has to go into it than talent. Hard Work You […]

Why You Should Write What You Love But Make It Good

I think we have all fallen for the trap of wanting to write what’s popular or what would give us the most attention or financial gain. If you haven’t that’s good for you! But if you have ever questioned your book’s topic because it wasn’t mainstream I have some advice to share. Keep reading! The […]

Overcoming Your Self-Doubt So You Can Finally Write Your Novel

Let’s face it. We’ve all had our share of self-doubts when it comes to doing something we’ve never done before. Especially when it comes to writing. Geez, I’ve written six books and I still have my doubts. But I have found ways to overcome those doubts and in this post I’m going to tell you […]

How To Capture Your Readers Attention With Chapter One

In today’s post I want to talk about capturing your reader’s attention so they will want to read the rest of your book without stopping and thinking that it’s boring or slow or just not “getting to the good part”. I really would like to know what you think of the tips so if you […]

How Your Characters See themselves vs How Others See Them

You have a spunky, smart attitude, adolescence character who thinks he knows everything under the sun but his parents see him as a lonely teen looking for friends. So what’s really his personality? How do the readers see him as a character? What is your impression of this boy after knowing what his parents thinks […]

Find Your Character’s Voice

As a writer/narrator you have your own personal voice but mastering your character’s voice is something that may take a little experimenting. Why is finding your character’s voice important? It gives your character’s  their own way of standing out. Have you ever read a book and the characters sounds just alike? They don’t really stand […]